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Innovation Olympics

Leverage the unique global perspective of MBA students to identify your next breakthrough growth opportunity.

The Innovation Olympics program provides an exclusive opportunity for companies to work with MBA students from Hult International Business school to build a portfolio of attractive business options. 

The first truly global innovation competition:

• 5 Global Locations
• 5 Leading Companies per Location
• 5 Uniquely Diverse Teams per Company
• 5 International Students per Team
• One Challenge - GROWTH!

Five teams compete with each other to be the winner of the best business plan for your company. The winning team for each company competes to be the best business plan for each location. The winning team for each location competes to be declared the best global winner of the Innovation Olympics.

Why should your organization participate?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. High Impact. Get a diverse portfolio of bankable new growth options for your company around both existing and new offerings, channels, markets, businesses and business models!
Low burden for your organization.
Learn a proven approach for developing growth platforms and breakthrough business concepts

Program Details
  • Senior executives from world class organizations drive high performance results through four focused meetings with student teams and faculty mentor during the seven week program.
  • Diverse global teams of mid-career MBA students spend their last semester focused on your firm’s challenge.
  • Experienced innovation and growth consultants and professors provide expert guidance and program management.
  • Battle tested process generates a wealth of insights and business concepts in six weeks.
  • Collaboration and competition moves teams from common understanding to unique solutions for your organization.

Previous Participants


Examples of previous Innovation Olympics challenges:
  1. Helping DIRECTORS OF VERIZON BUSINESS to identify multi-billion dollar growth opportunities at the intersection of telecommunications and other industries.
  2. Working with the PRESIDENT OF SHERWIN WILLIAM’s $2 billion Global Finishes Group to develop new coating concepts that could be possible and profitable for emerging markets over the next five years.
  3. Exploring futuristic and innovative solutions beyond credit cards for DEPUTY COO OF EMIRATES NBD,a Middle-Eastern banking giant.
  4. Working with the DIRECTOR OF INNOVATION & NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OF NATURA, a Brazilian cosmetics leader, on the future of online cosmetics.
  5. Helping VP OF INNOVATION AT BAE SYSTEMS, the leading global defense and aerospace company, leverage their existing state-of-the-art competencies and technologies in sensors, communications and systems engineering.
  6. Identifying new offerings, channels, technologies and social networking platforms to support the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY’S HEALTH AND WELLNESS PROGRAMS across the US.
  7. Identifying new scale-up implementation business models to help BOARD OF DIRECTORS make ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD a sustainable organization in the face of intense competition.