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Creating Breakthrough Ideas


IXL’s Eureka process, software, and tools are the basis for a course in creating breakthrough ideas through a process of divergence and convergence.  Students are taught to define an innovation landscape, map fields of play, generate new growth concepts, match them with business models, and to build initial business cases for each innovation.

High Performance Innovation Management New Product Development


IXL’s innovation management system is taught in this course.  The course covers building a product pipeline, building an innovation portfolio, responding the the competitive and trend environment, leveraging partnerships across the supply and value chain, open innovation, and managing ambiguity and uncertainty.

Management Consulting

This practical course introduces the basic frameworks and skills that every professional and consultant must have in order to be a world-class manager or management consultant: having structured thinking and communication, being able to solve complex problems, obtaining relevant information to make decisions, presenting effectively, and getting alignment from the audience. Specifically, the course covers:

  • The Pyramid Principle (basis for structured thinking and communication)
  • Professional and Ethical Behavior (what it takes to be a trusted advisor)
  • Problem Definition (Situation-Complication-Key Question SCQ analysis)
  • Approach (Issues analysis and work-plan)
  • Data Gathering and Analysis (primary and secondary research)
  • Findings and Recommendations Presentation (how to create compelling presentations)