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Healthovate! Innovating to Live Longer, Feel Better
ISBN-10: 0-9844452-3-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-9844452-3-3
Hardcover, 160 Pages
Authors: Dr. Hitendra Patel, Ronald Jonash and Pamela McNamara
Publisher: Hult International Business School Publishing (Dec 2013)
Language: English
Price: $19.99 (PDF, PayPal)


Book Overview

Healthovate! Innovating to Live Longer, Feel better gathers vignettes from more than fifty innovative companies and organizations whose specific breakthroughs are dramatically changing the way people receive and use products and services that enrich their health and well-being. This book is the third in a series of studies that examine how companies are responding not only to the age-old goal to live longer, but also to the increasing desire to feel better during that lifespan. This focus on enhancing our lives — and not just mending our wounds — has spurred innovation and has changed our understanding of what it means to be healthy.

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Defining Healthovations

In our previous book, Greenovate!, we talked about environmental sustainability and “going green” as a major trend. In Connectivate!, we talk about how the world is increasingly connected, and as a result, Always Available. We call these examples of innovation Connectivations:

New ways to connect people, businesses, and other entities to create and capture new value.

Connectivate is a collection of stories of more than fifty innovative companies whose breakthroughs are changing the world. By leveraging today’s confluence of technological and analytical breakthroughs, these companies connect people, businesses, governments and other entities in novel and meaningful ways, capturing win-win propositions for everyone on the value chain. These companies have created a new economic context, making themselves increasingly accessible to create a space-time singularity called Always Available.


Structure of the Book

The story of each healthovation is captured on two pages. The first page describes the What of the healthovation and the second page describes the How.


On the first page, the title at the top is a “sound bite” of the healthovation. Directly below the title describe the Customer’s Experience, explaining what it is about the healthovation that customers like so much. The three boxes in the middle of the page provide a concise overview by answering three questions: Who needs it? What was the healthovation? What was there before? Finally, the Impact box at the bottom of the page provides the reader with details on the company’s business results and future plans.

On the second page, the title at the top is the Company “Aha”, describing the moment that led to the healthovation and what the company saw as the way to win and make money with the healthovation. The structure of the rest of the page is designed based on the innovation framework that we use at IXL Center. You will find each of the key elements of our framework — Emerging Trends, Basic Human Needs, Why They Are Winning, and Unique Combinations composed of Pricing, Partners, Production, Offering, Delivery, and Market.



author_hitendra_patelHitendra Patel, Ph.D.
Founder & Managing Director, IXL Center
Chair of the Innovation and Growth Program, Hult International Business School

Hitendra is the Founder and Managing Director of IXL Center & Chair of the Innovation and Growth Program at the Hult International Business School. Hitendra was a senior leader and co-founder of Monitor Group’s Innovation Practice and was responsible for Asia and Latin America. Prior to Monitor, he was a senior manager at Arthur D. Little. As a management consultant, he has made lasting impact with all types of companies by helping them identify new engines for growth and develop their own capacity to innovate. Hitendra has also helped and published articles at the national and region level on the topic of economic development in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Singapore, the US and the UK.


author_ronald_jonashRonald S. Jonash
Director & Senior Partner, IXL Center
Professor of Innovation and Growth, Hult International Business School

Ron is a Senior Partner at IXL Center and at Spinnaker Group (a venture capital firm). He is on the faculty of the Hult International Business School and on the Advisory board of Arthur D. Little Inc. (ADL). He was most recently a senior partner of the Monitor Group where he founded and led their Innovation practice and was founder of IMI (Innovation Management Inc.). For 20 years he was the managing director of the Technology and Innovation Management Practice for Arthur D. Little worldwide. He was also Chief Innovation Officer and served on their Technology Investment Board and Management Education Institute Board.


author_pam_mcnamaraPamela McNamara
Principal, IXL Center

Pam is a senior executive experienced in running healthcare technology products and services businesses. She has focused her P&L experience on development and the successful commercial launch of innovative technologies and products. Pam is a member of the IXL Center’s leadership team, working with IXL’s clients on capability-building, innovation and commercialization of technologies and products. With IXL Center, Pam is London Campus Director and Mentor on the faculty of the Hult International Business School’s Action Learning Programs. She is on the boards of SouthCoast Health System and healthcare product companies. Her focus during her professional career has been on healthcare industry and she has also led several healthcare startups.