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The locomotive is back! One more chapter of Colciencias 2015, in Colombia

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May has started and the locomotive is back! One more chapter of Colciencias 2015, in Colombia.

48 companies have been bankable generating new products based on science and technology while strengthening innovation capabilities.

The program locomotive Colciencias Innovation aims to:

  • Help participating companies to turn their ideas into business;
  • Teach them to replicate the innovation process for other projects within your organization;
  • Colciencias provide a mechanism to provide funding.

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We are currently in the 3rd workshop, which will give participating companies a preliminary business model and additional Insights for artifacts.

Our goals for this workshop:

  • Receive feedback from their brochure and appliances;
  • Establish how your company will differentiate from the competition;
  • Rethinking the execution plan to minimize costs and increase speed;
  • Evaluate and develop contingency plan for contingencies;
  • Define your business model to capture the most value for your company.


Do you want this initiative in your organization?

Contact us and follow us in this amazing challenge!

You are invited to make REAL innovation.


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