The Center for Innovation, Excellence and Leadership

IXL Center is focused on delivering breakthrough and high-performance results, building lasting innovation capabilities, and researching and codifying best practices in innovation management.

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Jump Start Innovation

Star the innovation journey by demystifying innovation, establishing your innovation readiness or developing your innovation program.

Build Innovation Capability

Develop individuals, teams and leaders with customized, blended action-learning workshops, and then, get your certification.


IXL Center builds innovation management capability through a range of courses to help individuals, teams and companies get better results, quickly and cost effectively.

About Us

IXL Center was created by the practice innovation leaders of Arthur D. Little and Monitor Group, business school professors from Hult International Business School and industry practitioners. Our leadership at IXL has been focused on the innovation space for over 30 years, and we continue to develop cutting-edge innovation tools and methods and integrate them into our IXL Eureka software to support innovation leaders and drive effective collaboration worldwide. We also teach innovation and provide certification opportunities to thousands of corporate executives and MBA students using a powerful blended action learning and online curriculum. We serve our clients through a global footprint of eleven consulting offices and training locations in four continents.

Meet The Genius

“Innovation is knowing when you follow the rules, when to break the rules, & when to make the rules. It’s also a combination of these three” 
– Dr. Hitendra Patel
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