How do we democratize innovation?

When it comes to big breakthrough ideas, there isn’t just that one “Eureka” moment. All of us have the potential to create new, great ideas and the capacity to make it reality one day. So if everyone has the potential to have great ideas, why aren’t we all becoming genius inventors?

Dr. Hitendra Patel explains some people can connect the dots faster because they have more dots, to begin with – and how we can all get more.

How do we democratize innovation? | Hitendra Patel

The Innovation Olympics is a global 8-week consulting competition that started in 2006. It is co-sponsored by IXL Center and the non-profit Global Innovation Management Institute. In the Innovation Olympics, 5 graduate-student teams tackle a strategic growth challenge that is set by a corporate or non-profit sponsor. There are up to 10 challenges per edition of the Olympics, which are held four times a year. Sponsors get up to 25 new business concepts and 5 mini business plans, along with access to a diverse and highly motivated talent pool. All of this is offered for a small fraction of the cost and time required for a traditional consulting engagement.

Work with 5 MBA and PhD teams to explore new growth opportunities!