Innovation Professors

IXL Center team has a combined history of more than 40 years of teaching business and innovation at the graduate level. IXL team members have supplied graduate curricula and course software to MBA, Science, and technology management degree programs at universities on 6 continents. The IXL team is available to teach entire credit courses or to guest lecture.

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Innovation Courseware

IXL Center partners with universities to cultivate innovation-driven cultures and develop future leaders. Through our core courses, elective options, and specialized management consulting programs, we offer a comprehensive framework for fostering innovation and leadership excellence within academic communities.

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Capstone Project

Since 2016, IXL Center has offered MBA programs the opportunity to participate in the IXL Innovation Olympics as a capstone course or competition for MBA students.

The competition provides students with a competitive and immersive capstone project experience. This program engages students in solving real-world business challenges while learning and applying world-class methodologies under expert coaching.

The IXL Innovation Olympics is a prestigious global program where student teams collaborate with companies to tackle strategic challenges. The program’s structure simulates real-world innovation processes, offering students a robust, experiential learning environment.

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Success Story

Designed, organized, and managed by IXL Center, the Hult Action Projects is a dynamic program offered at Hult International Business School. Hult, now the largest business school globally, boasts campuses in prominent cities such as Boston, Dubai, London, New York, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai