Innovation Professors

The IXL Center team has a combined history of more than 40 years of teaching business and innovation at the graduate level. IXL team members have supplied graduate curricula and course software to MBA, Science, and technology management degree programs at universities on 6 continents. They have also developed course materials for the Global Innovation Management Institute and the Management Consulting Institute. The IXL team is available to teach entire credit courses or to guest lecture. To bring an IXL professor and curriculum to your program, please contact

Hitendra Patel, PhD

Dr. Hitendra Patel is the Managing Director of the IXL Center and Chair of the Innovation and Growth Program at the Hult International Business School.  He has coached new emerging leaders and managers of new and fast growth businesses.

Hitendra was a senior leader and co-founder of Monitor Group’s Innovation Practice and was responsible for Asia and Latin America. Prior to Monitor, he was a senior manager at Arthur D. Little.  As a management consultant, he has made lasting impact with all types of companies by helping them identify new engines for growth and develop their own capacity to innovate.

Hitendra has also helped and published articles at the national and region level on the topic of economic development in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Singapore, US and the UK.

Prior to consulting, Hitendra worked at Motorola in the portable energy space and is the owner of six patents. He is also a founder of various venture-backed companies.

Hitendra is the co-author of 101 Innovation Breakthroughs, The State of Innovation at the Firm Level in Singapore, and Greenovate, Companies Innovating to Create a More Sustainable World. His most recent book, Connectivate! was published on May 2012. It talks about how companies have innovated in a more connected world to become Always Available. He is now working on his fifth book—Thinking and Acting Differently to Make Innovation Real.

Ronald Jonash

Ronald Jonash is currently a senior partner at the IXL Center, and is chairman of the Board of the non-profit Global Innovation Management Institute.  He leads our IXL Innovation Olympics program area focused on high performance Eureka, Pursuit and Realization teams.  He was a senior partner of the Monitor Group where he founded and led their Global Innovation practice and was founder of IMI (Innovation Management Inc.). For 20 years he was the managing director of the Technology and Innovation Management Practice for Arthur D. Little worldwide. He was also Chief Innovation Officer and served on their Technology Investment Board and Management Education Institute Board.

Ron’s specialties are the strategic management of innovation, technology and R&D to create and capture maximum value. With degrees in Economics and Engineering Systems from Princeton University where he also received his Master’s Degree in Architecture and Design, he has led numerous executive leadership and development programs at major companies and has been a visiting lecturer at Rice, Wharton, Columbia and Tufts universities and the Hult International Business School.

Ron’s work is reflected in many articles as well as in a widely acclaimed book published in 2000 titled The Innovation Premium focusing on the management of innovation and the creation and capture of innovation premiums and shareholder value. Best practices in technology sourcing and partnering were also captured in an Economist book he coauthored in 1993 entitled Leveraging Technology in the New Global Company. He is also a co-author of Greenovate! Companies Innovating to Create a More Sustainable World and two recent books titled Connectivate! and Healthovate. He is currently writing a new book on innovation management titled Beyond Eureka: Thinking and Acting Differently to make Innovation Real and Sustainable.

Ron’s consulting experience in the last ten years has focused primarily on helping companies create and develop new options for growth and profit improvement through business innovation across the enterprise and extended ecosystem. This work has usually focused on building stronger product and technology pipelines and platforms, and new business models, while managing the significant risks and uncertainties associated with these growth and innovation options and the frequent need to collaborate with new partners up and down the value chain.

Brett Trusko

Dr. Brett Trusko is a global leader in innovation science, a PhD, a Distinguished Professor, award winning best selling author, founder and editor of International Journal of Innovation Science, and a serial entrepreneur. He is also the founder and chair of the International Association of Innovation Professionals. (

A sought after speaker, Brett has delivered hundreds of dynamic speeches in the science of innovation across the globe. Having authored 6 books, with Global Innovation Science Handbook noted in the 2015 Prose Awards in the Engineering and Technology segment, Brett is dedicated to advancing innovation science for everyone -especially to help disadvantaged communities to innovate their way out of poverty.

A professor and evangelist of big data and bioinformatics, Brett was recently named as one of “20 Professors Changing Health Information Technology” by Breaking the mold of “those who can’t teach” – prior to advancing his academic career, Brett worked in big six consulting, was a CPA, a CFO and Controller, and is a Master Black Belt Six Sigma. He currently is on faculty at Texas A&M and Mt. Sinai Medical School in NYC.

Massimo Andriolo

Massimo Andriolo has served as a Mentor and Campus Director for the Innovation Olympics Programs at Hult International Business School’s London Campus, University of Trento, and University LIUC Carlo Cattaneo. He has also taught graduate school Innovation programs at Università di Verona and the Global Innovation Management Institute.

Massimo specializes in the strategic management of innovation to create and capture maximum value across the entire enterprise and ecosystem. Additionally, he has led numerous leadership and development programs at major companies across Europe, either directly or through prestigious corporate training organizations. Massimo holds a degree in Economics from the University of Verona and received his MBA Degree from Hult International Business School.

Jinhong Kim

Jinhong Kim has 8 years of professional experience in consulting and training on Business Innovation. He has taught Innovation courses at the Yonsei University MBA Program and at the Global Innovation Management Institute.

In addition, Jinhong Kim has 20 years of management consulting experience, working as a Global Partner at PwC Consulting, a COO for PwC Consulting Korea, and the CTO & Co-founder at PWCSG, a joint venture between PwC Consulting and CSG. His main focus is on creating and executing value. Jinhong Kim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Yonsei University and has completed the Executive Program at Harvard Business School and the Advanced Management Program at Stanford University.