Training and Certification

Get Trained and Certified in Innovation Management

IXL Center builds innovation management capability through a range of courses to help individuals, teams and companies get better results, quickly and cost effectively. Our courses have been developed to help people at different levels of the company, from rising stars to senior executives and managers.

Accredited by the GIM Institute, we offer four levels of certification – Associate, Master, Manager, and Leader – that teach the competencies required for achieving High Performance Innovation Management. Increasing levels of certification denote increased capability to manage innovation.

Certification Levels

Four Levels Of Certification

The first level of certification is designed to teach you about the use of idea generation tools and then how great companies apply them to process of creating more and better ideas.

Further, you will study the components of what makes up an innovation breakthrough and then practice creating your own breakthroughs!

The fourth level of certification will bring together the level-three learning to be applied with a real-world client and/or real-world problem.

To attain this certification, you will need to submit for approval a project that utilizes the tools, concepts and frameworks learned around the three core competencies of innovation management.

Global Innovation Management Institute

Global Innovation Management (GIM) Institute