IXL Center has a range of programs for various sizes of enterprises to help them build the knowledge, skills, and confidence to innovate in any environment. Our offerings are grouped under three major categories depending on your needs.

Build organizational excitement, clarity and alignment to start the innovation journey through: 

  • Speaking engagements – Inspire and excite leaders, teams, and individuals to take action around innovation
  • Innovation Assessments – Assess your innovation management system and / or your current talent pool to drive innovation results
  • Strategy Workshops – Develop a roadmap with the fastest pathways to achieve your business objectives

Develop bigger, better and bolder concepts and drive them faster and cheaper to implementation through:  

    • Innovation OlympicsDiscover new strategic growth areas for your company through a global innovation competition.
    • Team-based CrowdsourcingOrganize idea sourcing hackathons with a structured process and a gamified platform
    • IXLerator – Address innovation challenges and achieve tangible results through an internal corporate Accelerator
    • Breakthrough Process Improvement – Significantly enhance your organization’s processes or services 
    • Go Global – Gain rapid insights into international markets, identify and validate potential business expansion opportunities

Develop strong organizational and performance capabilities around Innovation Strategy, Capacity and Discipline through:  

  • Innovation Academy –  Build internal capabilities to drive growth by standardizing a common language and framework for innovation 
  • Leadership Program – Empower leaders to think bigger, bolder, and purposefully to reach their fullest potential
  • Innovation Training and Certification – Equip individuals, teams, and leaders with tailored, action-learning workshops and certification
  • Innovation Management Systems – Build or strenghten your innovation strategy, capacity and discipline for disruptive results
  • Immersion in Innovation Ecosystems – Explore partnerships and technologies in global innovation hubs
  • Innovation Summits – Learn industry best practices, tools, and trends for sustainable growth