Christiane Mendes


Christiane Mendes

Marketing Manager


Christiane is a Business Development Executive with proven track record and more than ten years of experience in marketing and financial planning for a large multinational corporation. Her curiosity for Innovation started back 14 years when Chris began working for Coca-Cola. She played roles in strategic planning and the management of the launch of new products and categories. Now she applies her Innovation interest at IXL-Center.

Her passions include a range from fine arts to strategy, passing through leadership and innovations. Today, Chris puts her thoughts on: How can she collaborate with brands which aim to create offers that actually improve people’s lives? How can companies stop talking and start promoting diversity from inside? How can be accelerated and scaled innovation to diminish inequalities over undeveloped places?

Educated in Brazil, HULT Boston, and Harvard, Chris mostly learns creativity from her 5-year-old daughter. What kicks her out of bed every the morning: her belief each day is a white page.

Specialties: Marketing | Innovation | P&L Management | Supply Chain | New Products Launch | Business Planning.