Gustavo Zevallos


Gustavo Zevallos

Executive Director


Gustavo has over 25 years of management consulting experience, doing projects in strategy, marketing organization and innovation.  Gustavo worked as consultant for McKInsey in Brazil and BCG in Europe and as a partner for Monitor.  At Monitor, Gustavo led the Innovation Practice in Latin America, conducting initiatives, projects, and writing a book (“101 Brazilian Innovations”).

Gustavo did several projects in the innovation arena, such as:

  • Creation of a Technological Center for one of the most important Brazilian companies
  • Development of innovation strategies and establishment of innovation models for companies ranging from Consumer Goods to Basic Materials.
  • Identification of disruptive ideas for a Mexico company
  • Definition of a new innovation strategy for a biotech company
  • Selection of internet initiatives for an European health care company
  • Definition of an e-commerce strategy for a retail company
  • Study about the issues faced by companies to innovate in Brazil
  • In the Government arena, he conducted a project to define a model to foster innovation in a South America country

Gustavo is an engineer (ITA) and has an MBA from Wharton (University of Pennsylvania).